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Style is a Spiritual Practice

August 25, 2021 With: Nancy Paloma Collins LMFT Season 2 Episode 5
mentalhealth411 Podcast
Style is a Spiritual Practice
Show Notes

Our host Nancy Paloma Collins LMFT has a conversation with Mari Salinas a fashion stylist to the stars and entrepreneurs. Mari gets deep into the topic of body positive image and taking care of yourself through style and self expression. 
Mari Salinas shared: 
"I did not grow up being told that I was beautiful or smart or the right size. I was actually told on a daily that I was lacking. At my all girl Catholic high school the nuns would tell me that I wasn't smart and that I should at least lose some weight because I had a pretty face. My mother my tía would try to project and pass down their own body issues and insecurities onto me. I knew from a very young age that it didn’t matter that I was "fat," that I was still worth something. I still had so much to offer, something deeper than what people saw on the outside. I live my life this way now. I never blame my size for not having things I want. I believe I was just born with this confidence because I was not told this at all! Maybe that's why I am this size, because my confidence is so big!"

Fashion should be fun. We don’t need to get in our heads about it. We can just play. We can always try something different tomorrow.

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